JnJ Construction - Can't mess with a Man's Paycheck!

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J&J Ventures Buys & Sells and rents real estate.They are using Non-Professional Sub Contractors, with No Workmens Compensation Insurance and No General Liability.Pay them sub-standard wages for the trades they perform and No One is a Licensed Professional. NO ONE!

They do not pull county permits to add extra bathrooms, washer and dryer facilities. They add electrical without permits,such as G.F.I receptacles,without using a designated circuit. Install 3 prong receptacles in 2 wired box.Install HVAC units without inspectors involved. They cut openings in wieghtbearing walls without proper headers and Jamb supports,(I have pictures)Install doors and frame interior walls, again with no County inspector overseeing the work! Scary isn't it?

They will decide what amount of a payment request they think is correct, when Subs are working by the hour and put in an honest billing statement, Say,They put in 8 hours, they decide it should have taken 6 and pays only six!

That is unlawful.I have reported them to B.B.B and D.P.O.R and contacted local Building Departments about their unprofessional work ethics. If you can't play by the rules get out of the Game.

Review about: Unprofessional Service.

JnJ Construction - Breached the contract and quit the job days before they were to start kitchen remodel and addition.

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Do not waste your time with J&J Construction and Development, they also go by J&J Carpentry. So there is no confusion, their address is 7002 Mallard Way, Cary, IL.

We had worked with Jim Clarke for months on the details of our kitchen remodel and addition. We had agreed upon price and scope of work and signed a contract with them. Several days before they were to begin, he breached our contract and quit! We already had thousands of dollars of material on order, i.e. cabinets, doors, windows. That morning that they quit, Jim brought his partner Jeff to our house to review the project since they were starting in a few days. We had never met Jeff before, which we thought was odd since they are partners. Everything seemed fine and we agreed on the start date. Later that day, Jeff called us to say they will not be doing our project because "the numbers don't work" and that we should be grateful that they didn't start and walk away from it in the middle. Our guess is that either Jim is incapable of assessing costs for a large job or something bigger and better came along. We were floored.

We had not paid them anything so we did not lose money specifically with them. However, since Jim strung us along for so many months and made false promises, it completely destroyed our timeline for this remodel. We had to start completely from scratch in getting all new contractors, new architectural drawings, new permits, which ultimately cost us time and money.

This company cannot be trusted! They will give you the "run-around" for months and will only do your job if nothing more profitable comes up. Run from them!

Review about: Unprofessional Service.



It seems funny to me that in the 16 years of being in business, the only complaint J&J receives is from the one person they choose NOT to do work for. I feel sorry for the contractor who is desperate enough to work for these people!


I am sorry for your frustration.However, Jim Clarke recently completed a buildout for my company and did a great job.

He busted his butt to keep the project on schedule and kept it with budjet.

I would recommend Jim and J&J to anyone.Great job Jim and J&J.

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